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Not in the United States. They can only serve a maximum of two terms

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Q: Can a president serve more than 2 non-consecutive terms?
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Can the president run 3 nonconsecutive terms?

No person can be elected to President more than two times. There are no restrictions on running,

What is the maximum number of terms a president can serve?

A president can serve no more than two full terms.

What president was the first to serve more then two terms?

Franklin Roosevelt is the first president to serve more than two terms.

Did any president serve more than 2 terms?

Yes; Franklin Roosevelt served 4 terms. He was the only president to serve more than two terms.

What president serve more then two terms?


Can the president serve more than two years?

A president can serve more than two terms.

Who was a president twice?

The only US president who had two nonconsecutive terms was Grover Cleveland. Others have been elected more than once, but without a gap between.

Who was the President to serv more then two terms?

Franklin Roosevelt was the only one to serve more that two terms as president.

How many full terms can the president of the united states serve?

The president of the US can serve two 4 year terms. A president who fills out more more than two years of another president's term, can serve only one more additional term. No person can serve more than 10 years as President in any case.

Total years one can serve as a president in the US?

A US President cannot serve more than two terms.

Can Bush serve more than two terms?

No, President Bush cannot serve any more terms since he has already done two. No president can do any more than two terms under our current U.S. law.

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