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No. The President doesn't pass bills, only Congress does. The President signs bills passed by Congress to make them into law.

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Q: Can the President pass a bill when Congress is on vacation?
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What are two ways congress can check the president?

two ways the congress can check the president is, 1.) the congress can override a bill the president wishes to pass, and 2.) the congress can vetoe a bill the president wishes to pass

Who can veto a bill passed by the president?

The president does not "pass" a bill. That is the job of congress.

Can the president sign a bill that congress has not passed?

no, the president of a democratic country cannot pass a bill which the congress has not signed

What is president's role in lawmaking?

The president can convince congress to pass a bill, and the president can then sign the bill into a law.

Does the president pass laws?

No, Congress passes a proposed 'bill' and then it is sent to the President to sign it into law or veto it. Congress can however re-pass the 'bill' and override the President's veto, which turns it into law.

Can the president pass a bill?

Only if the bill is approved by both houses of Congress and the President can then sign the bill into a law

What happens after a bill is passed in congress?

after the bill is passed it heads on to the president to pass it

This must pass congress and the president to become law?

I think you are referring to how a bill becomes a law. A bill must pass both houses of congress and then the president must sign it.

How do you pass a law in the US?

SHORT VERSION: A bill is introduced into Congress. Hearings are held on the bill in both houses of Congress. If both houses of Congress agree on the wording of the bill and pass it, it is sent to the President for his signature. If the President signs it, it becomes law.

What can the Congress do to pass the bill if the President didn't like it?

all they can do is revise it

How does Congress pass a bill over the President's veto?

A bill passed by Congress and vetoed by the President is returned to Congress. By a two-thirds vote in both houses, Congress may override the veto and the bill will become law.

How can congress pass a bill that the president vetoes?

Both Houses of Congress must pass the bill again with a 2/3 majority to make it a law over the President's veto; otherwise the bill dies and does not become law.

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