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Bikes are bikes so no

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Q: Can you ride mini bikes on the sidewalk?
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Is it legal to ride mini bikes on the sidewalk?

can i ride a pocketbike on a sidewalk legallyAnswercan i ride a pocketbike on a sidewalk legally

Are you allowed to drive a pocket bikes on the sidewalk?

No you are not you must ride in the street

Is it legal to ride mini bikes on the road in California?

It is legal to ride some mini bikes on the roads in California. These bikes must posses the 17 digit Vin number.

Is it legal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk?

usually no, but local regulations can apply. It's quite often allowed for kids to ride really small(and slow) bikes on the sidewalk.

Is mini bike illegal in California?

Mini-bikes go by many names, including pocket bikes, miniature motorcycles, mini-motos, or pocket rockets. Laws regulating the use of these small, motorized bikes vary from state to state. In California it is currently illegal to ride a mini-bike on any road, sidewalk, bikeway or recreational trail. However, use on private property is legal.

Is it legal to ride minibikes in California?

no, sorry but in is not legal to ride mini bikes in california.

Is it illegal to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk in Michigan?

Usually it's illegal for all but small kids on slow bikes to ride on the sidewalk, but there can be local differences. You have to check what's applicable for your city

When can you ride a bicycle on the sidewalk?

There's no set answer to that. The laws aren't the same everywhere. Kids are often allowed to ride small and slow bikes on the sidewalk. Adults are generally NOT allowed to ride on the sidewalk. But local regulations might apply. You really have to check what goes for where you live.

Can you ride a dirt bike in Arizona on a sidewalk?

Not legally. Dirt bikes are made for off road use.

Can you ride mini bikes on side walks?

It depends on what state of matter you are currently in....

Is it illegal to ride one of those mini motorized bikes in California?


What is the difference between a footpath and a sidewalk?

A footpath is a path to someones home or private area, and a sidewalk is a local path for pedestrians to walk, or people on bikes to ride. :)

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