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The agent of socialization is anything that affects an individual and the society at large. Some common agents of socialization include parents, culture education, religion and so much more.

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Q: Discuss the agent of socialization
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How is marriage an agent of socialization?

Marriage is an agent of socialization. It perpetuates the main socialization tool, which is the family. Families are where people first learn what is expected of them socially.

Work as agent of socialization?

Work is considered to be an agent of socialization. People are able to meet at workplace and socialization is promoted between the various individuals in a particular work station.

How community act as agent of socialization?

answer it ..

How is the state agent of socialization?


What is the definition of agent of socialization?

An agent is somebody who does the paperwork and other stuff for you.

What is the most important agent of socialization?

Family is the most important agent

What is pre-conditions of socialization?

list and discuss three precondition of socialization

What is role of religion as an agent of socialization?

religion is the most important agent of socialization because it tells children what to belief and to have faith in God which is so important

Why is TV radio internet identified as a major agent in socialization?

It gives room for direct and immediate information that could be discuss if the media is interactive like the internet, call-in-program.

Mass media as agent of socialization?

mass media is an agent of socialization because it helps to disseminate information which is of huge importance to any form of socializatiion or interaction

What is the single most important agent in political socialization of new generations?

School (education) is the single most important agent in political socialization of new generations.

Role of mass media as an agent of socialization?


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