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yes if they have a warrant

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Q: Do the police have the right to search enter and search your home if you tell them no?
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Do police officers have the right to enter a residence for a probation when nobody is home?

If you're on probation then they have the right to enter your home. Also if they have a search warrent.

In Saskatchewan can the police enter your home with a search warrant if you are not home?

yep! Did they find your stash?

What if the officer used open hand search in their home?

Police officers are trained to use an open hand search when they are searching somebody for weapons. To enter the home, the police need to have a search warrant or the consent of the owner.

When can police kick in your door?

If the Police have a warrant to search your property, they have the right to forcibly enter your house if admittance is not granted. The same goes if they have an arrest warrant for you and you refuse to come out. They may also have that right if there is a crime in progress. If there is a high speed chase after subjects who the police witnessed committing crimes and the suspects enter someone's house, the police have the right to enter. Or if someone is holding you hostage in your home, the police can forcibly enter. They may also have that right if they have probable cause to believe you are in immediate danger or deceased.

Can the police enter your home then search and question a 16 year old if parents are not at home?

Yes If the kid invites them in.

Which amemdent to the constitution says a search warrant is needed for police to enter a home?

Fourth Amendment.

Can a person inside a home refuse to allow the police to enter because the person subject to arrest was not there?

No, provided that there is search warrant or warrant of arrest issued to arrest that person, this is to allow the police to search a home of the perpetrator.

Does an employer have a right to search an employee's home for stolen property?

Absolutely NOT! They may however call the police to accuse you and the police may enter with a search warrant if they choose, or the accuser may take you to court to sue you for the accusation and attempt to prove that you indeed have the property.

Can police enter a home without homeowners' permission?

If they have a search warrant, then yes, they can. Also, if they have reason to believe that someone is in danger, or that a criminal is in the home, then they can enter the home without the owner's permission.

If police have a search warrant for a juvenile can they search a locked room if the residence is not the home of the juvenile?

Yes, even if the door to a room in the residence that is specified in the warrant authorities have the right to enter the room by forced entry if necessary.

What does the right to search and seizure regulated means?

This means that there are limits on when and how the police can search your home, for instance, and take evidence.

Can the police tell you that you can not enter your home because they're waiting on a search warrant?

Certainly. You should patiently wait.

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