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An example of a cultural region is little Italy

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2011-09-13 02:40:44
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Q: Example of a cultural region
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Example of cultural region?

a cultural region is Mississippi university state

What is an example of a cultural region?


What is the synonym for cultural region?

There is no known synonym for the term cultural region. It does not have a known antonym either. A region is either cultural or it is not.

Examples of a Vernacular region?

An example of a vernacular region could be the America South or New England due to its distinct cultural aspects that defines the region.

Example culture region?

Examples of cultural regions include a portion of Louisiana, and Francophones in Canada.

What is a region in which the people share one or more cultural traits?

Cultural region

Differentiate between cultural area and cultural region?

I think cultural area is a bigger amount of space than cultural region but I'm not sure.

What is the cultural region of Antarctica?

There is no native or indigenous population on Antarctica, so it is not identified as a cultural region.

What is an example of a vernacular region?

Since a vernacular region is a region that people believe exists as part of their cultural identity. Knowing this, an example of this type of region would be the South in the U.S. because the definition of the south is different for each individual depending on their personal beliefs. ( a vernacular region is also referred to as a perceptual region)

Is the US a cultural region?

yes it is a culture region

Cultural universals are cultural traits that?

that come from another region

What is the difference between a political region and a cultural region?


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