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The tariff and the monetary policy

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Q: Gilded age What Was 2 Important economic issues to politics during the gilded age?
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What characterized politics during the gilded age?

Politics in the gilded age were under non-controversial due to a political stalemate between the Republican and Democratic parties.

Which industry was considered a catalyst of economic growth during the gilded age?

railroad industry

Who were the critics of the American economic system during the Gilded Age?

I Know! ..Go read your book.

What two political concerns shaped politics during the gilded age?

Many Americans were worried about the power of the rich.

Which statement best describes the national economy during the gilded age?

The price of economic goods fell during the time period from 1865 to 1896

What were the issues of the Gilded age?

The main issues that took place during the Gilded Age were primarily cultural and economic based. Cultural issues include prohibition, ethnic and racial groups, and education. Economic issues included lack of money supply and imposed tariffs.

Political participation during the gilded age was?

The political participation was high. This is during the gilded age.

Political participation during the gilded age?

Political participation during the Gilded Age was extremely high.

Sports during the gilded age in the 1880s?

what kind of sports where around in the gilded age

Which is the BEST description of the impact of capitalism and industrialization on the American public during the Gilded Age?

Which is the BEST description of the impact of capitalism and industrialization on the American public during the Gilded Age? A) During the Gilded Age, the South was still reeling from reconstruction and lacked economic stability and infrastructure. B) With new conveniences, reasonably priced consumer goods, and relatively steady pay, Americans were better off than most of the world. C) Because of the rise of monopolies during the Gilded Age, the American economy underwent periods of recession and depression that did not end until 1918. D) In the post-Civil War period, corporations became larger and more powerful through mergers and monopolies and had a greater influence on American politics.

What was the quote William Shakespeare on The Gilded Age?

Shakespeare wasn't alive during the Gilded Age.

Was William Mckinley president during the gilded age?

Yes. He was the last of the Gilded Age presidents.

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