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Well, john Locke argued that government was a contract between the ruler and the people. And because the contract had been bound to both sides, the ruler's power would be limited. Just like in the Preamble where they were trying to form a new government and limit the power of the ruler of the government.

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2011-02-25 04:20:01
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Q: How did John Locke's ideas provide the basis for the Preamble?
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John lockes ideas?

Life liberty and property

What two documents was influenced by john lockes ideas?

The Declaration of Independence & the Constitution. (:

What is the difference between thomas hobbes and john lockes ideas?

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What were John Lockes natural rights ideas?

He believed in: Life, Liberty, and Property.

How does lockes ideas of government effect us today?

well locke believed that people were good and they are!

What is the main idea of the Preamble?

Preamble Main Idea:The Preamble identifies the ideas that the Government stands for and states the purpose of the constitution. It also states why the constitution was written.

How do john lockes ideas help explain why the colonists looked to their legislatures for leadership instead of to the colonies governor?


What were john lockes major ideas regarding the nature of human beings?

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Explanation of preamble?

The preamble of the Constitution set out the idea of why the US was formed. It also expressed the main ideas of the US: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

How did John Locke's Political Ideas infulence the constitution?

john lockes ideas influenced farmers to shaye's rebellion where they tried to sieze the court but later sent militia to make them stop

Why is it important to know your own purposes?

A Purpose is in the preamble it lets you examine your own Ideas Then you can compare your own ideas with those in the constitution.

What is the definition of preamble?

A introductory portion; an introduction or preface, as to a book, document, etc.; specifically, the introductory part of a statute, which states the reasons and intent of the law., To make a preamble to; to preface; to serve as a preamble.

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