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he is impeached

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Q: How does the president get removed from office?
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Who is president if the president is removed from office?

The vice president.

Can the president be removed from office for bribery?


Who asuumes the powers of president if a president dies or is removed from office?

the vice president

Who takes over if the president dies or is removed from office?

The Vice President

Who by law determine the removal of either the president of vice president during their term in office?

The constitution states the terms of office and how a president or Vice President can be removed from office.

When was president Johnson impeached?

President of what country? In America president Johnson was not removed from office

Who is removed from office through impeachment?

The president of the US.

Why was president Jackson not removed from office?

He wasn't convicted.

The President may be removed from office if what occurs?


What reasons can a president be removed from office?

A president can be removed from office if he is grossly under-performing or if he commits a very serious offense such as murder. An under-performing president can face a vote of no confidence.

Who takes office when a us president is impeached?

Nobody. A president continues to serve in office when he is impeached. If he is convicted and removed from office, the vice-president becomes president, same as if the president were to die.

Can the president and vice president be removed from office for high crimes?

Yes- they are each subject to impeachment by the House and would be removed from office upon conviction by the Senate. (Federal judges can be similarly removed.)

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