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A state has a governing body

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Q: How is a territory different from a state?
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What is the best state or territory in Australia?

People have their own opinion about different places so there is really no best state or territory in Australia.

In Australia what territory is Perth in?

Perth is not in a territory. It is the capital city of the state of Western Australia. The states are quite different to the territories.

What is the southernmost territory of Australia?

Bearing in mind that the southernmost territory is completely different to the southernmost state, then the answer to the question is the Australian Antarctic Territory. Although this territory is recognised as a legitimate claim, there are those who dispute it: in which case, the southernmost territory is Macquarie Island.If the question ally means which is the southernmost state, then that is the island state of Tasmania.

Does the ACT vote with nsw?

No it does not. The Australian Capital Territory is a quite separate territory from New South Wales, and the two have different state/territory leaders and representatives.

The state capital of the Northern Territory?

The capital of the Northern Territory is Darwin.The Northern Territory is not a state, but a territory.

What the different between state and territory?

It's different because there are lots of population than states. and it might be different other reasons.

Can a state become a state before a territory?

when did Minnesota become a state and a territory

Is Florida a colonial or territory state?

Florida was a territory state

Is Washington state a state or a territory?

Washington state used to be a territory (Washington territory) before it became a state. But then on Nov. 11 1889 Washington became an official state. So now Washington is a state and not a territory.

What territory is Brisbane in?

Brisbane is located in a state not a territory, that state is Queensland

Is the Northern Territory a state in Australia?

No, the Northern Territory is a territory, not a state. It is administered by the Commonwealth Government in Australia.

Is the Northern Territory in Australia a state or territory?

The Northern Territory is a Territory, (Its in the name)

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