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The president of the independent United States of America,GEORGE WASHINGTON became a president on apr.30,1989 and left his office after two-year term

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Q: How long did George Washington pursue his career before he became famous?
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What was George Washington career in life?

what was george washington career in life?

What was George Washington's career objective?

George Washington was originally nothing more than a farmer and planter. He became a general and politician only after the war of independence in 1776.

What was George Washingtons political career?

George Washington became the first President of the United States twice. He did refuse a third term in Farewell Address.

What was George Washington's first career?

A surveyor

Where did George Washington career begin?

in butt

George Washingtons early career?

George Washington took over the family farm when he was 12. Then he became a surveyor and surveyed the border between Virginia and North Carolina.

What was George Washington Carver's career?

what did george w. carver discoverd

What career did George Washington have?

Type your answer here... George Washington was a founding father of America and a President as well.

What was George Washington's early career?

In George Washington's early career he was a surveyor by trade. He held his first public office as a surveyor for the Culpeper Company in 1749.

Who was the first president of the us and why?

the first president is George Washington because his brother got him a military career and he became a high lieutenant colonel and became really famous and so he was elected

Where did George Washington start his military career?

In the Virginia Militia

Where did George Washington live while he was presidnent?

George Washington Carver Lived in Virginia all during his president career. A lot of people make a mistake by saying he lived in Washington D.C. during his president career.

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