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How long do supreme court justices severe for

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Q: How long do supreme court justices serve for?
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How many justices are in supreme court and how long do they serve?

There are nine justices in the supreme court. They serve for life or until they decide to retire.

How long is Supreme Court's justices term?

They serve for life.

How long do the justices on the supreme court serve?

Until they retire.

How long do justices serve in Illinois?

Supreme Court Justices have a ten year term.

How long do Supreme Court justices serve?

Assuming you are speaking of the United States Supreme Court, the justices serve until death or voluntary retirement. There is no term limit.

Who nominates US Supreme Court justices and how long do they serve?

US Supreme Court justices are nominated by the President of the United States. Justices who are confirmed by the Senate serve for life, unless impeached.

How long do supreme court justices normally serve?

A supreme court judge serves a life term.

How long do Supreme Court Justices usually serve for?

Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life and I think the retirement time varies much.

How long are Supreme Court justices allowed to serve for?

They are allowed to serve on the Supreme Court for the entire time they are alive. In other words, a lifetime.

How many justices are in the supreme court how long do they serve?

There are a total of 9 (nine) Supreme Court Justices. The Justices are typically elected for life, unless they are elected to be removed and replaced.

How long does the Supreme Court Justices serve?

Once appointed the Supreme Court Justices serves for life. They may leave the position at any time and they can also be impeached.

How long are US Supreme Court justices serve?

They are appointed for life or until they resign

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