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The current US Senate has 100 members.

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Q: How many senator members are there?
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How many members does the US senator have?

The US Senate has 100 members.

How many staff members does each Senator have?

There is no limit on the number of staff members they can have.

How many senator does the us have?

The US Senate has 100 members.

How many committees can a US senator serve on?

As many as they are elected to by the Senate members

Title of members in the senate?

a senator.

What is the title of the members of the senate?


How many senator and representatives are in the Mississippi state legislature?

The Mississippi House of Representatives includes 122 members. The Mississippi State Senate includes 52 members.

When would a record of each senator's votes be given?

A record of each senator's votes must be given if requested by 1/5th of the members. The Senate has 100 members, and the House of Representatives has 435.

How many senator are in a senator?

6 years

Who is the Junior US Senator From Virginia?

As of July 2014, Tim Kaine is the Junior Senator from the state of Virginia. Mark Warner is the Senior Senator. They are both members of the Democratic Party.

Who is New Yorks repersensitive now?

New York State is represented in the United States Senate by Senator Charles ("Chuck") Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. There are to many congressmen (members of the House of Representatives) to list.

How many years do you have to be a citizen to be a senator?

you have to be a citizen for 9 years to be in the senate.YOu have to be at least 30 the term is 6 years and there are 100 members (currently)

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