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12-20 usd

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Q: How much did a Winchester rifle cost in 1873?
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How much does a 30 30 Winchester rifle cost?

100-1000 USD or so

What is the value of a 1873 Winchester 38 Caliber Rifle Serial Number 534231B?

Your Winchester model 1873 rifle which was made in the year 1900 could bring anywhere from 800-4,000 dollars,depending on overall condition,any special order features,and the bores condition.I would advise you to have a member of the Winchester collectors assoc evaluate your rifle/carbine for a much more accurate value.

How much did a Winchester rifle cost in 1890?

The Winchester model 1890 was sold for $16.00 in and around 1890. The model 1890 was one of the best selling rifles that Winchester made for many years.

What is the value of an 1890 model Winchester 22 rifle pump-action hex barrel rimfire breakdown?

how much does it cost?

What is a 6022 Winchester rifle worth?

No such model made by Winchester

What is the value of a model 1894 Winchester rifle serial 760365?

1894 25-35 lever action winchester rifle how much is it worth?

What is value of a 22 caliber Winchester lever action rifle model 1873 sn 559419?

While a value cannot be placed on your rifle due to the fact that much more info will be needed about the rifles overall condition to establish a price.I can say that your Winchester model 1873 rifle in .22cal was made in the year 1902. If you care to provide a amount of original finish remaining,bore condition,and if any special order features are present.I would be able to give you a more accurate value to your rifle.

What is the value of a 1875 Winchester lever action 30-30?

I am some what confused by your question.The 30-30 Win.cartridge was invented and available to the general public with the model 1894 Winchester rifle,in the year 1894.Winchester did not have a model 1875,and the rifle available in the year 1875 was the then new model 1873 lever action rifle,which was chambered in 44-40Win.I would need a much more detailed description of your rifle,its current overall condition,the correct model number and bore condition to give a correct value to your rifle in question.

How much is a Winchester model 72 worth?

w much is a Winchester 72-22 long or short rifle worth?

How much worth Winchester kings improvement serial no 388748B 32wcf when was it made?

Winchester chambered there Winchester model 1873,and 1892 rifles in 32WCF(32-20) caliber.They also chambered the model 1894 rifle/carbine model in this chambering.While you have not included the model number of Winchester you own,I can say that with the serial number you provided a Model 1873 rifle was made in the year 1891.A Winchester model 1892 rifle/carbine would have been made in 1907,and a Model 1894 rifle/carbine would have been made in the year 1907 also.I can not provide a value for you without you providing the model number,overall condition of your rifle,amount of original finish remaining,and if any special order features are present(special wood,checkered wood,octagon barrel,half magazine)etc.

Value of Winchester 66 golden boy?

how much new rifle

How much is a 1907 Winchester rifle with out the clip?

10-500 usd

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