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It'a as real as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and the Yeti.

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2009-02-10 15:42:44
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Q: Is the Ogopogo real or mythical?
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Is the ogopogo real?

Some people say that the ogopogo is real and some say that the ogopogos a mythical creature

In what lake does the mythical Ogopogo live?

The mythical lake demon named Ogopogo/Naitaka is reported to reside in the Okanagan Lake. The first sighting of this was said to have happened in 1925 in British Columbia, Canada.

Where is the ogopogo found?

Ogopogo, real or mythical, is to be found in Canada's British Colombia lake called Okanagan. or called Okanagan lake or commonly known as lake Okanagan. Although few people believe that it is found in a lake in Scotland, he/she is most plainly said to be found in Lake Okanagan in Canada, B.C. The people who believe that the Legendary Ogopogo lives in a lake in Scotland, perhaps are confusing the ogopogo with the Mythical or not Loch Ness Monster or more commonly known,"Nessie".

Is ogopogo friendly?

People have not discovered ogopogo yet but if he is real he could be friendly.

Is ogopogo real?

many believe he/she is but another percentage of people believe that the ogopogo is myth. There is overlapping evidence that the Ogopogo is real, enough to make you believe, but much of it is not very realistic, also referring to why all the old pictures of the ogopogo were un focused and blurry. They were usually hard to make out. Scientists and Divers and reporters alike have all been trying to uncover further evidence. The OgoPogo is even protected by fish federations. But always keep your eyes open and when you see a film and/or photograph that you are sure is the REAL Ogopogo then it might just be. There are so many photos and films that maybe just maybe one of them may be the REAL ogopogo.

How many people believe the ogopogo?

everybody has different beliefs but nobody knows for sure how many people belive and don't belive in the mythical so called "Ogopogo". Many people say that they believe in ogopogo because they apparently had an experience with him but a good percentage of people pretend they had an Experiance with him/her for publicity. :) Sorry I can not supply much information but personally I believe in the Ogopogo.

Are there photos of ogopogo?

There are lots of photos of them but they aren't necessarily the real OgoPogo. There may not even be such thing as an OgoPogo, so don't believe every photo you see! Also on YouTube you can watch videos where people have claimed to have seen them.

What color is Ogopogo?

the colour of Ogopogo is green

What mythical creatures are real?

None, by definition. If a creature is real, then it is not mythical.

Why do people think Ogopogo is fake?

because the pictures that are seen on google or other sites look fake because it is very clear to make out. some parts of the story goes: scottland people where boat rasing and one guy ran into something and was killed. there was no rock or land to bump into so the other ones involved in the race assumed it was the loch ness monster later on named ogopogo. no one really knows if it was him/her but ogopogo is real he comes up once in a while and if you look up ogopogo on google there will be pictures of ogopogo the one when his is in the water is real i have been studying ogopogo so he is not a myth.

Is the mythical unicorn real?

No they are not real, they have never been real and they never will be. That's why they are called 'mythical'.

How old is ogopogo?

ogopogo is 137 years old

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