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No, the legislative branch is not the only branch appointed by the president. The legislative branch is the only branch that is voted into office by the people.

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2014-05-23 20:29:45
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Q: Is the legislative branch the only branch that is appointed by the president?
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Who has the only power to impeach the president?

the legislative branch

What branch of Government has members that are appointed but not elected?

The judiciary branch is the only branch of government that is appointed. The President appoints members for life.

Can legislative branch can veto bills?

No, only the president has this power.

Does the legislative branch have the power to veto a bill?

No. The President is the only one who can veto a bill. The legislative branch comes up with the bill. If the president vetoes the bill, they can override the veto.

Who is the only person who is part of both the executive branch and legislative branches?

The vice president.

What branch writes and passes laws?

Legislative.Another View: The above answer is correct in that the Legislative Branch writes the bills which are sent to the President for his signature.However, in and of itself, the Legislative Branch does not enact a law unless and until the President vetoes the bill that was sent to him. ONLY THEN - if the Congress over-rides the President's veto can it be said that the Legislative Branch has actually "passed" a law.

Does the president have the power to coin money?

no. only the legislative (congress) branch has the power to coin money.

Who is the only elected official in the federal government with duties in both the executive and legislative branch?


Can the legislative branch veto laws?

No. Only the president can veto, but Congress can not send the law to him and that will stop it.

What is the only branch that can produce bills to raise money?

The Legislative branch. Legislative

What was the only branch of government provided for in the articles of confederation?

The legislative branch.

Which branch can declar war?

In the United States, the legislative branch is the only branch of government that can declare war. The legislative branch is represented by the Congress.

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