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Mars, the God of War.

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Q: Mars was named after which roman god?
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How was August named?

It was named after a Roman emperor Augustus

Roman god of farming?


What are the names of months?

The Ancient Romans named the months based on their mythology and words. When the months were originally named, there was 10 named months and 2 unnamed months that occurred in Winter. The year also started with "Martius" or March. Numa Pompilius was the first Roman ruler to change the calendar. He added "Januarius" or January and "Februarius" or February. The origin of the leap year also began with the month of "Intercalaris" or Intercalendar. Julius Caesar removed Intercalendar and changed the lengths of some months for his Julian calendar in 46 BC.The origin for the actual names of the months are listed below:Januarius (named after the Roman god Janus who was a 2 headed god looking back to the last year and forward to the new)Februarius, (named after Februa, the Roman festival of purification that occurred during the month)Martius (named after Mars, god of war)Aprilis, (named after Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love)Maius, (named after Maia, goddess of Spring)Junius, (named after Juno, goddess of marriage)Quintilis, (means "fifth month") CHANGED TO:Julius (named after Julius Caesar) Sextilis (means "sixth month") CHANGED TO:Augustus (named after Augustus Caesar) September, (means "seventh month")October, (means "eighth month")November, (means "ninth month")December, (means "tenth month")

Who was the roman god mars married to?

Mars' most famous bedfellow was Venus in an ongoing illicit affair with the wife of Vulcan, the gods' armor maker. This negative behavior (often depicted comically) is probably rooted in the connection Mars had with the less than noble Greek war god Ares. The Athenian Greeks looked upon war as destructive and therefore depicted Ares as cruel and even a bit cowardly. Romans, of course saw war as a means to prosperity and peace, so they ennobled Mars and had him married to Nerio a war goddess and the personification of valor. . They did, however, keep the "affair-narrative" since it helped tie in the founder of Rome Aeneas who was always depicted as the son of Venus with the god of war. Mars also fathered Romulus and Remus with the mortal Rhea Silvia. (parts of this were drawn from Wikipedia's entry on Mars)

Where did the months get their names from?

Most of the months have had their names since ancient Roman times. July and August are named after Roman emperors.

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