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"Treason, felony, and breach of the peace."

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2013-08-06 16:40:35
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Q: Members of Congress can be arrested for this offense even when attending Congress?
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While congress is in session can a congressman be arrested for a minor offense?

While Congress is in session why can't they get arrested easily

What offense was Guy Fawkes arrested for?

He did wrong

Why don't people get arrested for illegal downloads?

"Illegal downloads" are a civil offense not a criminal offense. You cannot be arrested for committing a civil offense. However you can be brought to court and, if found guilty, fined heavily.

Can you be arrested in Texas for a misdemeanor traffic offense?


How can my son be re-arrested on the same crime he was convicted and sentenced to a week before?

Insufficient information is given in the question. Was he arrested for the exact same OFFENSE for which he was convicted, or was he arrested on the same CHARGE for a totally different offense? If he was arrested for the EXACT SAME OFFENSE for which he was convicted he would be in the unconstitutional position of being placed in double jeapordy.

What is the difference between first offense and second offense?

Your first offense is the FIRST offense/crime you were ever arrested for and charged with. Your SECOND offense/crime is the second time you were ever arrested and charged for. And so on...... . Third - Fourth - etc. The more offenses you have on your record, the harsher your sentences will subsequently become.

The Constitution allows Congress to pay its member whatever pay it wants?

That is quite true. Only Congress gets to decide what members of Congress are paid. The only restraint on the greed of Congress-people is that if they are too greedy, the voters may take offense and vote them out of office.

What if you are caught fishing without a fishing license in Victoria?

That is a simple answer first offense you get a warning, second offense you get a ticket, third offense you get arrested.

Are certificated airman subject to Miranda warnings?

(in the US) ALL citizens being arrested for a criminal offense by civilian law enforcement should be provided with the Miranda Warning. No such warning applies to members of the military being arrested by military authorities.

What did Jake T Austin get arrested for?

he hasn't been arrested, don't believe these rumors.

What is the most common offense for which Americans are arrested?

Driving while Black.

Can you get a mass gun license after being arrested?

If it's not a disqualifying offense, or you don't have charges pending for a disqualifying offense, yes.

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