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Ayatollah is the name of a Muslim leader of the highest order. The current worldwide population of Muslims is about 1.6 million.

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2014-08-22 07:23:19
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Q: Muslim religious leader of the highest order?
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What is a Muslim religious leader of the highest order?

i believe that number one would be Allah (god), then the prophets, and the sheik ^---------- this person is a moron.....

Was Mother Teresa a faith leader?

She was head of the religious order that she had founded: The Missionaries of Charity.

What is the name for a legal opinion or order made by an Islamic religious leader?

It is called 'Fatwa'.

Was Saint Benedict a ruler?

Saint Benedict of Nursia was the leader of the religious order established by him only.

Which eastern university was established by the Jesuit religious order and is named for an American Revolutionary War leader?


What does devotees mean?

No, not t-shirts for the band Devo. In fact they are people who are devoted to a religious order or leader.

Which country has the world's 2 largest Muslim population?

The three countries with the highest Muslim populations are, in order:1. Indonesia2. Pakistan3. India (though it's a non-Islamic country)

Where does the last name Sheik comes from?

1577, meaning head of an Arab family, also head of a Muslim religious order, from the Arabic language.

Who is dervish's?

A member of a Muslim religious order who have taken vows of poverty. They are well known for their wild rituals and dancing or whirling. First appeared in the 12th century

Who are the highest members in the Illuminati?

Adam Weishaupt was the founder and leader from 1776 to 1785. The order has not existed since 1785, so there's your guy.

A religious person who is devoted his life to a religious order or group?

A religious person who has devoted his life to a religious order is known as a monk.

What religious order did Joan of Arc start?

Joan founded no religious order.

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