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The great compromise

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2011-10-31 23:09:51
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Q: This Compromise created a 2-house legislature?
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Is the great compromise a bicameral legislature?

No, but it created a bicameral legislature.

What compromise created a two house legislature?

the great compromise  

What was this compromise created a 2-house legislature?


The agreement that created our two house legislature was?

The Great Compromise.

Describe the compromise which created a two-house legislature?


What was the Compromise that called for bicameral legislature?

The Conneticut Compromise

What compromise created a 2 house legislature?

It was called "The Great Compromise" and settled the composition of the new US Congress under the Constitution (1787).

What are some sentences about the great compromise?

The Great Compromise was created in 1787. It created America's bicameral legislature, and declared that states would have equal representation in the Senate, and proportional representation in the House.

What was the great compromise created by roger Sherman?

Also known as the Connecticut Compromise, combined the previously recommended Virginia and New Jersey Plan for the representation in the National Legislature. The Connecticut Compromise created a bicameral(two house) legislature with one house (senate) based on state's equality, and another(the House of Representatives) based on states's population.

How did the Great Compromise resolve the debate over state representation in the federal government?

It created a two house legislature

How did the great compromise resolve the debate over the state representation in the federal government?

It created a two house legislature

What is the major compromise that led to the formation of a bicameral legislature in the federal government?

The Great Compromise or the Connecticut Compromise.

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