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They had a lot but i dont know how many!

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2009-05-19 08:26:36
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Q: What Rooms Were There In A Rich Victorians House?
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What type of houses did rich Victorians live in?

Rich Victorians lived in massive houses with massive rooms and a lot of rooms.

Who did all the house work in rich Victorians houses?


Do the Victorians have servant or maid in their house?

only the rich people had servant & maids

What type of houses did rich Victorian children live in?

The rich Victorians lived in huge houses in country states.They had lots of rooms and even had flushing toilets!The rich didnt have to go to school!

Did the Victorians have lot of money?

No the poor Victorians have no money but the rich one did have lots of money poor Victorians had to work and rich Victorians had poor one to work for them

How many rooms did a Tudor house have?

A poor house would have about 2-3 rooms and a richer house ranges on to how rich they are, maybe 8...

Did rich Victorians work?


How Healthy were the Victorians?

Rich Victorians were usually the healthiest. Poor victorians weren't healthy at all

How did Victorians clean?

rich victorians had a tub of water to wash in but poor victorians licked themselves

How many rooms did a rich Victorian familys house have?

atleast 30

What was the size of the rich Victorians houses?

they were very large and they had most rooms we have today plus scullery's, servants quarters and many more (grand hallways etc..)

How many rooms do Japanese houses have?

It depends which house you are in. And if you are in a Japanese house who's owned by poor people it might be little rooms, but if it is owned by rich people it might be bigger room/ rooms

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