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civil war civil war civil war

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Q: What are the effects of john Harpers raid on Harpers ferry?
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Why was abolitionist john brown executed?

John Brown was executed for leading the raid on the arsenal in Harpers Ferry. He was found guilty of Treason against the state of Virginia and thus was executed.

What did John Brown hope to accomplish with his raid?

John Brown wanted a violent slave revolution and the eventual abolition of slavery. He planned to steal weapons from where they were being stored for the Civil War in Harpers Ferry and distribute them to slaves to start his slave rebellion. Obviously John Brown was an abolitionist and was very adamant about his position. His plan was unsuccessful and they were caught before the guns were ever stolen.

The effects of john browns raid?

The raid headed by John Brown on the Federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry in Virginia was ended by Colonel Robert E. Lee's force of US Marines. Brown's idea was to gain arms and then rally slaves to revolt for their freedom. It was an attempt by a small band of men to begin the end of slavery in the USA. No slaves rallied to Brown's cause. Brown was convicted of treason and hung in 1859. The armed attempt by Brown, however made him a martyr for radical anti slavery abolitionists in the North. In matters such as the movement to end slavery, acts as those performed by Brown, served as a lightning rod to rally as much Northern support as it could.

What does air raid percuations mean?

i dnt no

What did John Paul Jones do in the war?

In 1778 he carried out an unsuccessful raid on the English port of Whitehaven. His plan was to destroy by fire the many British merchant ships moored in the harbour but his men got drunk and very little actual damage was done. His raid did cause consternation in Britain and resulted in the improvement of British coastal defences that ultimately deterred the French from attempting to invade. To read more visit the Related Link.

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