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The US government is charged with protecting its citizens from foreign and local ills. It also has to enforce the laws.

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2014-08-28 16:03:39
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Q: What are the responsibilities of the US government?
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How are state and Federal powers separated by the US Constitution?

In the US Constitution, this document specifies what are the responsibilities of the federal government. Duties and responsibilities not specifically delegated to the federal government are therefore the responsibilities of the states.

What are the responsibilities of the secretary of education?

He heads the US department of education and formulates educational policy for the US government.

How are power and responsibilities distributed shared and limited in the government established by the US?

The powers and responsibilities that are distributed, shared and limited in the government are established by the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution was ratified in 1788.

Responsibilities of government towards business?

breafly explain responsibilities of business towards government

What responsibilities do the members of the Legislative branch of the US government have?

They can declare war and make federal laws

Which of the 4 cornerstone philosophies of the US Constitution provided for states to still have a role in certain powers and responsibilities of the government?

Limited Government

3 responsibilities of the provincial government?

The provincial government has three main responsibilities. The responsibilities of the provincial government are to protect life, public health, property, and natural resources.

Responsibilities of government of india towards business?

breafly explain responsibilities of business towards government

What are responsibilities of 3 levels of government?

national, state, and local

What responsibilities do the federal government have?

federal government has responsibilities for defence, currency, trade customs, immigrations and postal/communication.

How do separation of powers nd checks and balances affect the US government?

Separation of powers affects the US government by establishing a clear guideline as to which branch of government possesses specific powers. The checks and balances system affects the US government by ensuring that each branch of government is held accountable for their responsibilities to the people.

Responsibilities of the government in early civilizations?

what were some of the responsibilities of the governments of early civilization

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