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they needed more weed

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Q: What conditions fostered the rise of absolute monarchs in Europe?
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How did Luther helped the absolute monarchs of Europe?

He made their crowns.

Which theory of government was most popular with absolute monarchs in Europe?


What was life like under an Absolute Monarchy in Europe?

what was life like fo the common european when absolute monarchs ruled

Where did absolute monarchy develop?

Absolute monarchs developed during the rise of nation-states in Western Europe during the 17th century.

What happen to the absolute monarchs in Europe?

All the absolute monarchies in Europe have dissolved into some form of a democracy. Most of them transformed into Constitutional Monarchies, in which there is still a monarch that rules but they are accompanied by a parliament. There is one country in Europe that can still be considered a monarchy: the Vatican. The Pope is the ruler and thus labels the Vatican as an absolute monarchy, although the "monarch" is elected.

Where did the monarchs of medieval Europe believe their authority to rule comes from?

The monarchs of Europe believed that they were divinely chosen.

What conditions allowed many rulers in Europe to establish absolute power?

chy was a natural progression from the long held European belief in the Divine Right of Kings. Many European monarchs claimed this absolute power, denying citizens any rights to limit the range of their power. By the 19th century, however, only Russia recognized The Divine Right of Kings.

What is the absolute location of all the countries in Europe?

What is the absolute location of Andorra, Europe?

How many countries in Europe have Monarchs?

10 countries in Europe have Monarchs: UK Spain Luxembourg Belgium Netherlands Sweden Denmark Norway Monaco Liechtenstein

Which ruler launched the age of absolute monarchy in medieval Europe?

APEX: Charlemagne

How did strong monarchs in Europe encourage overseas exploitation?

They helped them

Why were the other monarchs in Europe afraid of the french revolution?

because they were

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