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Union (The North) forces called the Battle of Manassas the Battle of Bull Run .

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Q: What did the north call the Battle of Bull Run?
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Who won the Battle of Second Bull Run?

In the First Battle of Bull Run, it was close to a draw. In the Second Battle of Bull Run it was a decisive victory for the Confederates. They failed however to exploit their win and lost the chance to take the Union Capitol.The Confederate Army led by Robert E. Lee won the battle of 2nd Bull Run or 2nd Manassas.

Who was the president during the Battle of Bull Run?

Abraham Lincoln.

When and where was the bull run fought?

The first battle of Bull Run was fought July 21, 1861 near Manassas, Virginia. The union forces called it Bull Run and the Confederate forces called it the battle of Manassas. The battle ended with a union retreat that turned into a rout as confederate forces counter attacked. This was the first land battle of the civil and ended any hopes of a short and decisive war.

How many people were killed in the Battle of Bull Run?

There were two battle's of Bull Run (Manassas in the south) The first in 1861 resulted in the deaths of 460 Union soldiers and 387 Confederates. The second battle in 1862 caused 1747 Union deaths and 1553 Confederates. These numbers strictly represent the confirmed kills during the battle. Casualties, which counts those killed, wounded, captured, or missing, number over ten thousand for both sides in the 2nd Battle of Bull Run.

Who was the Confederate commander at Bull Run?

Joe JohnstonAnswerThe Confederate commander at First Bull Run was PGT Beauregard. The Confederate commander at Second Bull Run was Robert E. Lee. With regard to the first answer: First Bull Run swayed back and forth until Joe Johnston's reinforcements arrived by train to finally ensure a Confederate victory. Later, Johnston and Beauregard quarreled about who had won the battle. Technically, Beauregard was the Confederate commander at First Bull Run, but he likely would have lost the battle without Johnston and his army arriving in the nick of time.

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