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It is the Berlin Wall

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Q: What did the soviets build to divide east Berlin and west Berlin?
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The Berlin airlift was president Truman's response to the?

Russians denying access to West Berlin through territory that they had take from Germany surrounding Berlin.

Berlin airlift 1948?

i believe the Berlin airlifts were a part of the marshall plan to help Europe recover from WW2. I wont go too into it, but the reason the USA did this was because in WW1, Germany was in debt because of paying reparations of war, damaged factories, and hungry people who were battered from war. this allowed Hiter to gain control of Germany....and the rest is history. anyways, the Berlin airlifts were when planes from the US or United nations flew over East Germany to supply the soviet controled Germans with food and supplies to live everyday lives. (soviets were controling what people in E Germany had) kids got candy, America was heroes. yada yada yada

What eventually ended World War 2?

The unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. By then, Germany had been totally overrun from the East and from the West (apart from a few tiny pockets), its capital Berlin had been taken and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had committed suicide.

In what year was the former German democratic republican founded?

The German Democratic Republic, known in English as East Germany, was created by the Soviet Union in the Soviet Zone of occupied Germany and the Soviet sector of occupied Berlin in 1949. In 1990 its re-established states joined the Federal Republic of Germany.

Where is Boston in America?

east Massachusetts north east usa

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What did the Soviets build to divide east Berlin from west Berlin?

Not a thing. The East Germans built the Berlin Wall.

Why did the soviet built the Berlin wall?

The Soviets did not build the Berlin Wall the Germans built is to separate East and West Germany.

Who played a part in the Berlin Wall?

The soviets and east Germany

Whom did Berlin Wall divide?

it was dividing east berlin and west berlin

When did the Soviet Union begin building the Berlin wall why did they build the wall?

The Soviet Union didn't build the Berlin Wall. The Soviets merely told East German dictator Walter Ulbricht to stop the flow of defections from East to West or he would. East German Army engineer units built the Wall.

Which city was partitioned during World War 2?

Berlin was divided into East Berlin and West Berlin because the Soviets refused to let East Berlin and East Germany be a free, democratic nation and city.

Soviets built a wall in 1961 to prevent escape from here?

East Berlin

What did Berlin oppose to make the Soviets have a blockade?

The Berlin Wall was built, with the intentions of keeping East Berliners from escaping to free West Berlin.

Which is democracy East Berlin or West Berlin?

West Berlin was democratic, controlled by West Germany. East Berlin was Communist, controlled by the Soviets and East Germany. Just to be confusing..... East Germany was called the GDR, the German Democratic Republic. It was that in name, it was not that in actual fact !

Why was the Berlin Wall build?

It was build to separate east and west germany

What and whom did Berlin Wall divide?

east and west germany

Why was the Berlin Wall biult?

To divide East and West Germany.

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