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an agenda includes a map a daily planer and other stuff like that

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Q: What does an agenda include?
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Use agenda in a sentence?

I will adjust my agenda to include your meeting. He has a hidden agenda.

What is a chairmans agenda?

The chairman's agenda is the list of all topics that must be discussed in a board meeting. These can include finance and security of the company.

How does an agenda help you run a meeting?

include the suggestion times for each topic

Did Clinton's agenda include unpaid leaves form companies for family needs?


Where can one purchase a Filofax A5 agenda?

One can purchase a Filofax A5 agenda online directly from the Filofax website. Other retailers that also carry the Filofax A5 agenda include Executive Essentials, Amazon, and eBay.

What is institutional agenda?

Institutional agenda is another term for Policy agenda.

What is the correct grammar not on my agenda or not in my agenda?

Use on. Agenda means (a list of ) things to do.

What origin does agenda come from?

Agenda is take directly from Latin as an abriveiation for agenda sunt or agenda est, meaning 'to set in motion'

What part of speech is agenda?

Agenda is a noun.

Difference between agenda and chairman's agenda?

From a book called Administrative Management by EJ Ferreira, AW Erasmus, D Groenewald in Chapter 8.3.2. 'When the agenda is drawn up, the secretary keeps a special copy for the chairperson. The 'Chairperson's agenda' is divided into three columns. To the left is the ordinary agenda. The central column contains particulars for the chairperson on who proposed the motion and any matter that should be remembered with regard to the issue. The right column is used for details on decisions, names of people elected to committees or members who have been charged (entrusted) with special duties.

Is agenda abstract noun?

Yes, agenda is an abstract noun, unless the agenda is in written form, then the document called the agenda is a concrete noun.

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