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legislative power mean to have a two biocameral legislative

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Q: What does legislative power mean?
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Related questions

What does legislative supremacy mean?

A system of government in which the legislative branch has ultimate power.

What do you mean by residual power of the president?

"Whatever is not judicial, whatever is not legislative, is residual power exercised by the President."

Meaning of Legistative?

Do you mean legislative? if so, this is the meaning; legislative is the power to create and pass laws In more of a formal way of saying it 1 : having the power or authority to make laws the legislative branch of government. 2 : of or relating to the action or process by which laws are made legislative history. legislative.

Difference between legislative and non- legislative?

Legislative power are lawmaking Non-legislative Power are non-lawmaking

What are legislative power of the Philippines?

legislative power is the power of congress to make, alter or repeal laws

Who has legislative power in the federal government?

The Senate and the House of Representatives have legislative power.

What power does the executive branch have over the legislative?

The president has no power over the legislative.

Who has legislative or law making power?

The Legislative branch

Main power of the legislative branch?

The main power of the Legislative Branch is to make laws.

What power does the legislative branch have over the executive branch?

The president has no power over the legislative.

What power does the executive branch have over the legislative branch?

The president has no power over the legislative.

Which branch of the government has the power to make laws?

Legislative has the power to make laws.

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