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France, Spain, Holand, Germany, and Poland.

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Q: What foreign countries helped America in the American Revolution?
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Why did America win the American Revolution?

America won the AMerican revolution because the had better leadership, they had foreign aid form countries like france, they knew the land they were fighting on, and they American forces were motivated to win the American revolution because the wanted independence from Britain?

What Foreign countries helped win the American Revolution?


How did foreign aid helped America?

When USA had the American Revolution, the French helped us in the end of the revolution

Why did the foreign countries support the American Revolution?

The foreign monarchies didn't so much as support the American cause. They really just wanted to hurt Great Britain.

Why was the Continental Congress unable to fix the economic crisis after the American Revolution?

not declare war on foreign countries

What foreign countries helped america?

Ally helped there foreign countries

Which of the following statements about foreign companies in Latin America was true?

Foreign companies often controlled the economies of Latin American countries

The colonists relied on foreign support to win the American Revolution Which of the following countries offered the Patriots the greatest support?


Why are foreign countries building factories in Latin America?

Why are factories being built in latin America by foreign countries.

What is George Washington telling the American citizens about foreign countries?

America should not get involved in the affairs of Europe.

What impact did the depression of 1893 have on America's international posture?

The depression of 1893 encouraged American companies to trade in foreign countries. It also encouraged interest in agricultural systems in foreign countries as well.

Is foreign policies the study of domestic politics of foreign countries?

No. Foreign policy refers to a country's policy toward other countries. For example, U.S. foreign policy is the policy of the U.S. with respect to countries in South America and Central America, Mexico, Canada, and countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.

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