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the spelling checkl

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Q: What impact did European diseases have on native Americans?
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What had the greatest impact on native Americans?

The spread of European diseases had the greatest impact on Native Americans. Large numbers were wiped out by these foreign diseases they were unprepared to deal with.

How did European exploration impact native Americans?

European exploration of the Americas had a devastating impact upon the Native population. Specifically, the Europeans brought diseases with them that the Native Americans had no immunity against. The Native population was ultimately reduced by 90 percent.

What was one impact of European exploration on native Americans?

One impact is that the Europeans brought with them many diseases so it killed a large amount of the Native American population.

What was one impact of European colonization on native Americans?

The loss of many Indians or that Indians die because they spreded diseases

Which was one of the effects of European colonization on Native Americans?

Many Native Americans died from European diseases. answer for studyisland

What was the Impact of European land claims on Native Americans?

European lands claim to Native Americans by battleing their fears

How did European Exploration affect native Americans?

The answer is that the Europeans spreaded diseases among the native Americans.

Who spread the diseases to the native Americans?

The European explorers and colonists did

What are some positive impacts the European had on the native American?

what are some positive impact the European had on the Native Americans

How many native americans died from european diseases?

90 percent

What was the main cause of the decrease in the Native American population during the first European settlement?

Native Americans had no immunity to European diseases.

How did diseases impact both the Native American and European populations in the new world?

They killed over 90% of Native Americans, but had little impact on the Europeans aside from giving them room to expand. The disieses were smallpox,Tyhus,Cholera,and Measles.

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