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National convention is 4 days long, caucus is one

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2012-04-20 07:54:49
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Q: What is a major difference between how the national convention is run and a caucus convention?
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What replaced the caucus?

National convention

What replace caucus?

National convention

The oldest method for picking national convention delegates is the?

caucus-convention process

What is the difference between caucus convention and direct primary?

A caucus is a meeting of people to decide a candidate. A direct primary is when everyone votes according to their political party as a whole state. The caucus is local.

What is the nickname given the Caucus System when used to nominate a presidential candidate?

National Convention It's "King Caucus".

The most party oriented means of choosing delegates to the national convention is?

A caucus

What replaced the caucus system?

are you in Cofer's hostory class too? - Maybe the national nominating convention... Jackson's supporters abandoned the unpopular caucus system and they replaced it with nominating convention.

What is an example of caucus?

A caucus is a private meeting held by leaders before a general open meeting is held. An example of a caucus is the Democratic leaders meeting held before the National Convention.

How do you win delegates to the national nominating convention?

Primaries are a way that political parties can win delegates at the National Nominating Convention in some states. However, in Caucus states the delegates are chosen by the party.

Why is a caucus important?

elect delegates to state nominating convention

Why is caucus important?

elect delegates to state nominating convention

Why are superdelagates used in government elections?

what is the difference between a direct primary election an caucus

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