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difference between ordinance an act...... An Act is a bill that was presented in a State legislative home/Parliament of India, passed by both the houses of the State legislature or Parliament, sent for accent of the State Governor or the President of India, and then it becomes an Act. Whereas ordinance is a legal order or law made by the State Government or the Union Government when the Legislature or Parliament is not in session, this a temporary arrangement made by the said government with regard to such a law & its implementation in the State or the whole of the country as the case may be. Such ordinance is legal & can be implemented for the time being, but it has to be passed by the State legislature or the parliament within six months & made as a proper Act.

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Q: What is the difference between ordinance and act?
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What is difference between act and ordinance?

An "Act" is a law passed by a legislative body. An "Ordinance" usually has to do with municipal governments, such as a county or city. Example: A law setting zoning standards for a community.

What is the What is the difference between act and ordinance?

Generally speaking, an 'act' is an action or event of some kind, while an 'ordinance' is a particular kind of act: it is a legal or political ruling or law made by an authority with social influence. It should be noted that, on occasion, 'act' carries the same meaning as 'ordinance'; for example, with the passing of the 'Intolerable Acts' by British authorities in 1774-1775.

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What is the difference between ordinance ordnance ordonnance?

1.Ordinance=a decree by law 2.Ordnance=Military ammunition 3.Ordonnance=Latin root 'ordo' to mean order in French old variant of ordinance.

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the differnce between a criminal act and a delinquency act in school violance

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The difference exists only in the definition.

Is there a difference between an ordinance and a by-law of a municipal government?

Bylaws generally govern the lawmaking body itself and serve as internal rules. An ordinance, however, is a local law imposed in the entire jurisdiction.

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