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four years and a person can only be president for a maximum of ten years

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Q: What is the length of term for the executive branch?
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What is the term length for the executive branch?

what is the term legnth of the execusive branch

What is the executive branch length of term and term limits and duties?

The Judicial Districts.

Who was the head of the executive branch of Texas in 1845 and how long was their term?

president boshscowsy and 16 years was the length of term for him.

Term length of the Executive Branch?

In the United States, a President is elected every four years.

What is the term for executive Branch?

the executive branch is the president so it is 4 years.

How long is the executive branch term?

The executive branch has a fixed term of 4 years only due to the Constitution.

Executive branch term?

The Executive Branch consists of the President and Vice President. The term of their presidency is four years or if re-elected eight years.

How was the executive branch chosen for the New Jersey plan?

By one house electing the executive branch for one term

Which term is best defined as the branch of government that administers and enforces the law?

executive branch

What are some limits on the executive branch?

Limits for the executive branch are that 1/2of yourmprecessors term if u died, impeached or resigned.

How long is the term in the executive branch?

The President mostly presides over the Executive Branch. The President is allowed in office for a total of two terms: each term consists of four years.

What are the term limits for the executive branch?

The President may not serve more than two consecutive terms (to which he was elected) in office. There are no term limits for any other members of the Executive Branch

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