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The current US political system would be something close to a democratic-republic. The economic system would be capitalism

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Q: What is the name of the Political system?
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What is the name of the political system for Ethiopia?

revolutionary democracy

What are 3 main types of political elections?

Political system generally refers to a government of national organization structure and management system and related laws and regulations, or form of government. The American political system name: states of America. Political system type: the presidential system

Name the political and social system in medieval Europe?


What is the name of the American political system?

A federal constitutional republic.

What was the name given to the new political system that developed during the middle ages?

Feudalism was the dominant political system during the middle ages.

What is Polands political system?

Polands political system is a republic political system

What is the name of the political system in ancient Egypt?

its called the ephiance (greek meaning- system of work)

What is the name of a political system that is ruled by a dictator and based on racism?


What is the meaning of onarchy?

onarchy is just the name The norwegian author onar åm calls his political system, which is very similar to the political system libertarians envision.

What is the name of the political system in which land is given for military service in medieval times?

Feudalism is the political system in which land is given for military service in medieval times.

What is the name of the political and economic system used in the USSR?

a planned or command economy

What kind of political system does Poland have?

they are polish.. they dont have a political system they have a republic political system, actually

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