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Progressive Movememt.

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Q: What reform movement that sought to return control of the government to the people?
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What statement declares the ideology of the Progressive Movement?

A statement that declares the ideology of the progressive movement can be very simple. The progressive movement is people who believe in change, reform, and progress in regards to who has control over the government.

When was We the People Reform Movement created?

We the People Reform Movement was created in 2003.

What people were involved in the social welfare reform movement?

Social welfare reform movement

Why was political reform necessary in 1832?

people did not have any say or control of what was done or said in government

An early 20th century reform movement seeking to return control of the to the people and correct injustices in American life?


What movement encouraged reform in government society and economy in the early 1900s?

The Anti-alcohol movement.

Why did rebels want to take control of Libya?

Government reform

Examples of Reform Movements?

The Reformation period is the best example of a reform movement. Anytime there is a change in structure of government or religion, a reform process initiates.

Who was involved in the movement to reform local government?

cheese man aka toco man

What is a Welfare Reform?

A welfare reform is a movement to change the federal government's social welfare policy which shifts responsibility to the states and cut benefits.

With this new healthcare reform will the government have any control over a persons living will?


What was the Progressive movement?

The Progressive Era took place in the US from the 1890s to the 1920s. The movement was an effort to reform the government and eliminate the corruption within it. Social activists also wanted to reform the educational system, the insurance industry, the churches, and many other things they felt were out of control, and not working in the best interests of the citizens.

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