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Jackson believed in following the Constitution which says that all powers not explicitly given to the federal government ,belong to the states. Accordingly he vetoed the Maysville road bill because the road lay entirely in the state of Kentucky and could not be called a national highway.

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Q: What was Jackson's view on state's rights?
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States rights were by Andrew Jacksons use of presidential power?


How did Northern whites who assisted with the underground railroad begin to view slavery?

Human rights, not states rights.

What was Henry Clay view on states rights?

Henry Clay believed in states rights, meaning he thought states should decide if laws were unconstitutional or not and if they thought they were unconstitutional, they didn't have to obey them.

What does it mean to have a conservative political view?

Limited Government, States' Rights, Spreading Democracy.

What was Andrew jacksons view about the nulification crisis?

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How did the supporters of the state view jacksons presidency?

i dont effin know

What did the people in the south believe about states rights?

The view of "States Rights" was very strong in the Southern States. Based on their view of the US Constitution, each State had the right to legalize slavery in as much as the US Constitution did not forbid slavery. Thus whatever powers not delegated to the Federal Government, were left to the States to decide.

Which term describes the view that all Bill of Rights protections should apply to the states?


Andrew Jacksons view of presidency emphasized?

Limited but absolute control of the US government.

Which term describes the view that only fundamental bill of rights protections should apply to the states?

Selective incorporation

Which term describes the view that all Bill of Rights protections should apply to the states?


What was Jacksons response to the Nullification Crisis?

He admitted that the Union was a compact of states.

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