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His Yearly salary as president was $25.000,00

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Q: What was Thomas Jeffersons's salary yearly as president?
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What was the yearly salary of George Washington for being the President of the US?

The yearly salary of George Washington while he was President was $25,000 a year.

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Two billion

What aer the 8 powers of a president?

As outlined in Article II of the United States Constitution, the President carries the following eight enumerated powers:His primary duty (and thus why his branch is called the Executive Branch) is to "faithfully execute the law," as sworn when the President assumes office. Within the confines of those laws, the President can issue Executive Ordersdetailing how such laws are to be carried out.It is the responsibility of the President to report on the State of the Union. Though originally this report had been written and submitted, current custom has this report delivered in person, yearly, before the entire Congress.The President may, should necessity require call it, call Special Sessions of Congress.He is officially the commander-in-chief of the United States' Armed Forces.It is the responsibility of the President to nominatepeople for important domestic positions (these include federal judges, ambassadors, and members of his Cabinet). It is up to the Senate, though, to confirm these nominations.As the nation's chief ambassador, he can negotiate treaties with foreign heads of state. It is up to the Senate, though, to ratify those treaties.As a check-and-balance against the Legislature, he has say over bills presented to him by Congress. He can sign the bill, which enacts it into law, or he can veto (forbid) it (though this power can be overridden).As a check-and-balance against the Judiciary, the President can, at his discretion, pardon those accused of federal crimes.

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