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Colonists who supported Great Britain during the American Revolution and the years shortly preceding it were called Loyalists.

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Q: What was the Americans who supported Great Britain called?
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What was a person called who supported ties with Great Britain in the American revolution?


What were people called that supported Great Britain?

Those that stayed loyal to the Crown were called Loyalists.

What were Americans that remained loyal to Great Britain called?


What were Americans called who supported the British during the American Revolution were called?

Loyalists were American colonists who remained loyal to the Kingdom of Great Britain (and the British monarchy) during and after the American Revolutionary War.

The colonist who supported the war for Independence were called what?

The colonists who supported the war for independence against Great Britain were called Patriots. Those who didn't support the war were called Tories or Loyalists.

Americans remained loyal to Great Britain were called loyalist or?


What was the name for the colonists who supported Britain?

The colonists who supported Great Britain in the Revolutionary war were mainly called two names: Loyalists <---- politically correct Tories <------ slang

Why were the Americans called colonists?

Because at the start 'The Americas' were a colony of Great Britain.

Who supported the African Americans in the revolutionary war?

Great Britain. They said to the African American slaves that they would be freed if they fought for them and won.

What was Britain known as in 1900?

In 1900 the country colloquially called Britain (or, infuriatingly, England by many Americans) was called: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

An American colonist who supported the fight against Great Britain was known by what term?

A patriot. An American colonist that supported Great Britain was known as a Tory.

Americans who remained loyal to Great Britain were called loyalist or?

yes it loyalist

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