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The conservatives

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Q: What was the name given to the group of colonists who wanted complete independence from Britain?
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By the time of the Revolutionary War why did many colonists wont independence from Britain?

The colonists wanted there independence from Britain because they wanted wanted to do what they pleased. They wanted their freedom.

What were the colonists who wanted to fight for independence called?

The colonists who wanted to fight for independence from Britain were known as the Patriots.

Why colonists wanted independence from Britain?

because they wanted to be free and have their own liberty.

How did the civil revolution star?

the colonists wanted independence from Britain

What group of Colonists wanted independence from Britain?

The Sons of Liberty

Why did they fight the revolutionary war?

The colonists wanted independence from Britain.

Who were the colonists called who wanted independence from great Britain?

non loyalist

Who were colonists who was undecided about independence from Britain?

Colonists who opposed Britain and wanted freedom were patriots. Colonists who were loyal to Britain were loyalists or Tories. Most of the colonists wanted or didn't want freedom, so there really was no need to a name.

Was the olive branch petition by the loyalists or the patriots?

The colonists wanted peace with Britain so they created the Olive Branch Petition and when the King rejected it, the Patriots (colonists who wanted independence) rebelled against Britain. The loyalists are the colonists who remain loyal to Britain.

What is the document called that states the reasons why the colonists wanted to break away from Britain?

The Delaration of Independence

Which contributed to the American colonists' decision to write the declaration of independence and separate from great Britain?

Great Britain wanted the American colonists to pay taxes on imported goods.

Identified the reasons the colonists saw for independence from Britain?

The legislature that was formulated in Jamestown identified the reasons the colonists saw for independence from Britain. The high taxes were the main reason they wanted to cut ties with the English government.

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