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the new deal was a program to help the U.S. to get out of the great depression some of the programs are IRA, SSA, FDIC, AAA.

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Q: What was the new deal and what were some of its programs?
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What were some of the New Deal programs?

CCCWPASocial Securityetc.

What were some of the new deal programs and what did they do?

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How would you use New Deal in a sentence?

"Some of the New Deal programs to fight the Depression were later ruled unconstitutional."

What happened to new deal programs when they were challenged in court?

The new deal programs that were challenged in court were withdrawn.

Describe Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal?

Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal were various social programs that were enacted by the government to combat the Great Depression. Some of the programs that were created from the New Deal were Social Security and the Works Progress Administration.

Discuss the New Deal and its impact on racial minorities and women?

The New Deal was a series of domestic programs designed to get Americans back on their feet after the Great Depression. Blacks were hit especially hard by the loss of jobs; some programs in the New Deal inadvertently hurt them, but the administration tried to help their plight. At first, most of the New Deal programs targeted men because they considered them the head of the household. Later programs included women.

Which Americans were most affected by the New Deal?

The New Deal was a set of domestic programs in the United States in response to the Great Depression. A few of these programs attempted to give the African American minority some help, but they did nothing to deal with the racism and segregation already around, and some of the programs actually hurt the African American community further.

How do New Deal programs affect the lives of US citizens today?

FDR's "New Deal" was the father to all today's entitlement programs.

How many new deal programs were there?


Did women benefit from the New Deal programs?


Why were the New Deal programs made?

The New Deal Programs were made to help people from the disaster of the Great Depression had cause with programs to help give people work and that protected there money.

What were Franklin D. Roosevelt programs referred to as?

The programs were called the New Deal.

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