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Canada officially became a country on July 1, 1867. The first provinces were Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

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Q: When did Canada become an independent country?
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When did canada become a independent country?

Are they? In many ways Canada is far from independent. Defense is one.

Who did Canada separate from to become an independent country?

The french.

How did Canada become independent in 1867?

Canada became an independent nation in 1867, through the British North America Act. Canada was the very first country in the world to be created by legislation.

Did Vermont threaten to be apart of Canada?

It did threaten to succeed from the united States and become its own independent country (not part of Canada)

Why do some people want quebec to secede from Canada?

they want quebec to become an independent country

What year did Canada become an independent country?

Canada became an independent country on July 1, 1867. Before that time, it was under British rule. Queen Elizabeth II is still the head of state.

When did Canada become independent?

Canada was the first country created by legislation. The British North America Act (now the Constitution Act) created Canada as an independent nation on July 1, 1867.

Which country does Canada belong to?

Canada is an independent nation.

What part of Canada wants to become an independent country?

only Quebec i think. I'm not really sure why.

Has Canada been an independent country since 1867?

Canada has been an independent country since July 1, 1867.

Did Spain become an independent country in 1850?

no they became an independent country in 2012.

What country has not yet become independent from Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia is no longer a country and therefore no country can any longer become independent from Yugoslavia.

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