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Queen of Sheba

* Born: c. 10th century B.C.

* Birthplace: Sheba (now Yemen or Ethiopia)

* Died: c. 10th century B.C.

* Best Known As: The wealthy queen who tested Solomon

Queen of Sheba was an ancient name for Abyssinia, a kingdom on the Red Sea in the vicinity of modern Ethiopia and Yemen. The Queen of Sheba is best known for a story in The Bible's book of Kings: at the head of a caravan of riches, she visits Israel's King Solomon to test his legendary wisdom. After Solomon successfully answers her riddles, the queen showers him with gifts. According to Ethiopian tradition the queen returned to Sheba and bore a son by Solomon, Menelik I, who was the beginning of the Ethiopian royal dynasty.

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Q: Where did the Queen of Sheba die?
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