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the British

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Q: Which side did most native American support in American revolution?
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Which side did most native American support in the American revolution?

the British

Which side did the most Native Americans support in the American Revolution?

the British

By the end of the American Revolution most Native American tribes had?

experienced a weakening of their power and independence

What county gave the US most support in the American revolution?


Who were the participants in the American Revolution?

- Spanish People - African American (slaves most likely) - Native American - Women

Why did most floridians support Britain during the American revolution?

because they was the best

Most original Native American governments lend support to the?

evolution theory

Why didn't most American support the revolution when it began?

Most Americans were more loyalists than Patriots.

What side did the most native Americans support in the American revolution?

Depends, some northeastern tribes supported the English while others the colonists. Just like any group there were those who were neutral.

Which of these ideas had the most influence on the American Revolution?

The Enlightenment most influenced the American Revolution.

Why did most Native American groups did not form large empires?

Most Native American tribes understood that the land could only support a certain number of people before it began to enter a stage where it would not renew its resources.

Who is involved in each side in the American revolution?

It was the 'americans' against the english, however most of the native people were helping the would be Americans

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