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Q: Who promised the New Deal program during his campaign for the Presidency?
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Who was assassinated during presidency campaign in us?

john f kenedy

Who began the new freedom program?

New Freedom was actually a campaign platform for Woodrow Wilson during the presidential election of 1912. Wilson promised tariff reform, banking reform, and business reform.

During the election campaign of 1916 woodrow wilson promised?

to keep the united states out of the european war

During the 1980 election campaign Ronald Reagan promised to?

reduce the size of federal gvt (novanet answer)

What is an example of brinkmanship during Eisenhower's term of Presidency?

Eisenhower was firmly against communism. During the Korean War, he told the United States citizens that he would go to the brink of war to contain it. Thus, the term brinkmanship was created. He was so passionate toward the cause that he promised to do everything in his power to protect the United States which also contributed to his campaign for presidency.

Promised a return to normalcy?

It was Warren G. Harding who promised a 'return to normalcy' during his presidential campaign. Harding served as the 29th President of the United States.

How did Woodrow Wilson's reform during the 1912 campaign differ from that of Theodore roosevelt?

Wilson promised to preserve free economis competition

Who all had a positive impact on promoting the space program during the 1960s?

John F. Kennedy is credited for having a positive impact on the space program in the 1960s. During his presidency, Kennedy began to dramatically expand the program.

When did the Apollo Space Program begin?

The Apollo Space Program was conceived in the early 1960s during the Eisenhower presidency. The Apollo program didn't really get going until the year 1963.

What were the campaign platforms of the election of 1796?

The hot issues during this campaign were the Jay Treat with England and the French Revolution. While the French Revolution was not a popular political topic, it did help Thomas Jefferson win the vice presidency.

How do you use dispute in a sentence as a verb?

Negotiations over the countryˈs disputed nuclear program did not progress during Mr. Ahmadinejadˈs presidency.

What did James Monroe do during his presidency?

monroe did not do anything during his presidency because he was lazy.

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