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Adam Smith, a Scottish economist, provided the philosophy for capitalism. His most well-known work is The Wealth of Nations, published in 1776.

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Q: Who provided the philosophy for capitalism?
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What man provided a philosophy for capitalism?

Adam Smith developed the philosophy upon which capitalism is based: the free-market.

This man provided a philosophy for capitalism?

thomas hobbes

Who provided a philosophy for capitalism?

ADAM Smith, a scottish philosopher and economist. He provided the philosophy for capitalism in his book The Wealth of Nations.Answer on page 27 in United States Government: democracy in action textbook

What governments today reflect Machiavellis political philosophy?


What governments today reflect Machiavelli's philosophy?


Who provided the ideas of capitalism?

the government

The philosophy that western capitalism was the enemy of mankind was started by?


Man provided a philosophy for capitalism?

There was more than one man who envisioned and discussed an economy called capitalism.Several names that stand out are Thomas Hobbes and Max Weber as providing a philosophy for capitalism. Adam Smith, a Scottish philosopher and economist, espoused another philosophy for capitalism in his book The Wealth of Nations...Regardless of how the capitalism economy finally became the primary economical and entrepreneurial system of the United States of America, it proved to be the most valuable economic experiment ever formulated and practiced in any country, and was extremely key and pivotal in the development and continued growth of all aspects of the USA.

Who provided central idea of capitalism?

Adam Smith

What economic system did Adam smith create a philosophy for?

Free market Capitalism

What philosophy states that government should not involve itself in business?

Laissez-Faire Capitalism

What man provided a philosophy for capatalism?

max weber

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