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Q: Who said that religion is the opium of the people?
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Who said religion is the opium on the people?

Karl Marx

Who said religion is the opium of the people?

Karl Marx, the writer of the Communist Manifesto. He is credited with being the father of communism.

What does religion is the pium of the people mean?

You mean "opium of the people". Opium is a narcotic. It make people less analytical.

What did Karl Marx call religion?

"The opium of the people".

Who said religon is the opium of people?

Karl Marx

What did Marx mean when he said that 'religion is the opium of the people'?

he meant that people dont want to face the fact that life is inherently meaningless, so they invented religion and "god" as a crutch to lean on so they dont have to deal with it.

Why did Karl Marx call religion the opium of the people?

Apparently he considered religion to be something harmful.

What was the famous quote from Marx?

One famous quote was: Religion is the opium of the people.

Did Marx quote anyone saying religion is the opium of the people?

marx was a close friend of the german poet heinrich heine, in one of his poems heine likens religion to opium in a glass.

Karl Marx said what of religion?

Some things Marx said about religion: On religion's lack of rationality: Religion is ". . .a complete negation of all reasoning." It ". . .explains nothing." On religion's use as a tool to keep the people in place: Priests ". . . calculate on the cowardice of the congregation." "It is the opium of the people." On religion's hypocrisy: ". . . the English Established Church, for example, will more readily pardon an attack on 38 of 39 of its articles than on 1/39 of its income."

How can a religion be an opium of the people?

As opium is drug which leaves the mind in a state of false images or false realities. So do some religions confuse those who partake in its doctrine. There are confused as to what is truth. Confusion is not of God for His house is a house of order. religion become opium to the people because they have different views of what they believe and knows .

What is the opium of the masses?

Karl Marx once stated that "religion is the opium of the masses."

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