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Thomas Jefferson was elected to a second term in 1804.

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Q: Who was elected president in 1804?
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Related questions

Which president was elected in 1804?

Thomas Jefferson was elected to his second term in 1804.

Was president Jefferson re-elected in1804?

Yes, he was re-elected in 1804.

When was Thomas Jefferson elected to his second term as President?


When did Jefferson serve his second term as president?

Elected 1800 & 1804

When Jefferson was re-elected for his second term in presidency?

He was reelected as president 1804.

Was Jefferson President or vice President?

Jefferson held both offices. He was elected vice president in 1796 when he came in second in the presidential vote. He was elected President in 1800 and again in 1804.

Who was elected vice president in 1804?

George Clinton was elected as the 4th US Vice President. He was the running mate of re-elected President Thomas Jefferson, replacing incumbent Vice President Aaron Burr, who suffered politically after killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel.*This was the first US Presidential election where the President and Vice President were elected in separate ballots, pursuant to the 12th Amendment (June 15, 1804).

How was the vice president elected before 1804?

Before the 12th amendment was ratified, the electors each cast two votes for president and the second place finisher was elected vice-president.

Who was the losing candidate against Thomas Jeffersons when re elected as President?

Charles Pinckney in the 1804 Presidential election when Thomas Jefferson was re elected.

Which president was the first to be elected under the provisions of the 12th Amendment to the Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson was the first to be elected under this amendment in 1804 when he ran for a second term.

Who was the American president in 1804?

Thomas Jefferson was the American president in 1804.

What day was Thomas Jefferson re elected for president?

Election Day was November 4 in 1800 and November 6 in 1804.

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