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The first president to be paid to be a president was George Washington.

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2011-12-07 22:23:48
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Q: Who was the first president to get paid to be president?
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How much was the president paid in 2011?

President Obama was paid 400,000 a year plus expenses in 2011. In 2001, President Bush became the first president to make $400,000. Prior to that time, presidents were paid $200,000 a year. (And earlier in the century, they were paid $75,000 a year; this was eventually raised to $100,000.)

What president didn't get paid?

Every president get paid.

How much did the first president of the US get paid?

Washington offered to be president just for expenses, however no one would permit that, so he was paid $25,000-a-year salary.

How often is the president paid?

Is the President paid once a week, two weeks or what?

How much is a president paid after being president?

The president is paid half of the current president's salary. Currently all former US presidents are paid $200,000 US a year.

Is the president of the US the highest paid?

The President of the United States is the highest paid public official in the United States, but not the highest paid president in the world, nor the highest paid person in the United States.

What presidents didn't get paid?

Every president get paid.

How much money is the president of the US paid in a term?

The President gets paid a lot

How much did Bill Clinton get paid as president in the 1990s?

He was paid about $200,000.00 a year. Then he doubled it, but that didn't come into action until 2000 when George W. Bush became president. He was the first this change would benefit. The president's salary is now $400,000.00 a year.

How is the president of the US paid?

He/she is paid in U.S. Dollar(s).

Who is The best paid president?

The President of Singapore is the best paid president, earning the equivalent of approximately $3.5 million US dollars annually.

What does the President get paid for being President?

$400,000 per year

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