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William h. Taft

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2011-09-13 21:16:00
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Q: Who was the lame duck president in 1909?
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What is the term for the outgoing president once the new president has been elected but waiting for inauguration?

Lame Duck

Why does the twenty-second amendment result in lame duck presidency?

The 22nd constitutional amendment is not a direct cause of Lame-duck presidents. A Lame-duck president will result anytime a new president is elected. The only real impact this amendment has on this occurance is that it guarantees that a lame-duck occurs every 8 years at the latest, as a president cannot be elected to a third term. Before this amendment it was traditional for a president not to seek a third term as President Washington eschewed a third term. Franklin Roosevelt was the only president to be elected to a third term, or a fourth term for that matter, the amendment was a reaction to the length of his presidency. Thus, before this amendment, lame-duck presidents were already occurring regularly and are not the result of this amendment. Hope that helps.

What is the time period between election and the inauguration called?

The period between the election day and the inauguration is commonly referred to as the "lame duck" period. The out-going president is commonly referred to as a "lame duck" president. Of course. this term does not apply if the president has just been re-elected and is waiting to begin his second term.

How is the lame duck period shortened by the 20th Amendment?

A lame duck is an elected official whose tenure is about to end. The 20th Amendment shortened the lame duck period by moving the beginning of the new Congress to January 3 and the presidential inauguration to January 20.

What amendment is referred to as the lame duck amendment?


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