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Alben W. Barkley was the oldest person to run for Vice President. He was 71 years old when he was elected in 1949.

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Q: Who was the oldest person to run for Vice President?
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Why can't a person who has served the maximum terms as president be vice president?

In order to run for Vice President, one needs to meet the qualifications to be President.

Can a past president run as a vice president?

A past president can run as a Vice President even if he already served two terms as president. The 22nd Amendment says a person can only be elected president twice.

Who was the youngest person to run for vice president of united states?


Who was the oldest non elected president?

like, who was the oldest to run for president but didn't win? or who's the oldest to run for president?

Can a person who was president for two terms run as a vice president?

No. A person who has served two terms as president can not serve as president again, and the vice-president must be eligible to serve as the president, in case the president is unable to serve.

Who was the first person of color from major party to run for president or vice president?

Barack Obama

How does the qualifications for the vice president compare with the president?

The Constitution requires that in order to run for Vice President one must be eligible to be President. The only difference is that a person can be elected Vice President more than twice.

Can a person run independently for the office of Vice President of the US not part of a complete presidential ticket?

No, in the United States system the president selects his vice president. The Vice President is not determined seperately by vote.

What is the oldest a person can be to run for president?

There is no maximum age for a person running for president. There is however a minimum age which 35 years old.

When can a vice president run for office?

A candidate for vice president of the U.S. does not run separately. The VP candidate is selected as a running mate by the candidate for president, and they run as a team. Back in the beginning, they did run separately: the person with the most votes was president, and the one with the second most was vice president. That system didn't last very long; rivals who'd fought for election didn't usually team up too well. (But it could happen within a party!) A VP can run for president later if the person's party selects him or her as the candidate or if the person decides to run independently.

Who was the first person to occupy the White House with out having to run for president or Vice-President?

Gerald R. Ford

Can an x-president be vice president?

The 12th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution says that a person must be eligible for the presidency in order to be eligible for the vice presidency. Therefore, a person could not run for vice president if he/she has reached his/her presidential term limit. Otherwise, no problem.

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